A part-time account planner and a part-time musician, a part-time thinker and a full-time hedonist. Ryo is the name, and I've set up this blog as a way to sip on my tea, play with my cat while exploring the ideas, passion, and personalities behind creative expression in art, music, photography and advertising.

I believe in the creativity behind the creativity, and I strive to make this an informal, yet informative space where I share some of my recent inspirations for the (VERY) personal aim of becoming more aware, and thus become more spongely absorbent of those ideas that seep deep into my own psyche..

Awareness? Psyche? Chihua-WHAA??

When you encounter something great, you just go DAMN. When you delve a bit deeper, you start seeing the little pieces, the elements: the leaves, the branches and the root. The posts here are simply little notes of these elements, which I write and return to to develop a clearer vision on how I could further evolve as a creatively conscious being.

If in the process, any of the posts here provoke some thoughts into the creative community of tumblr-ers/any of you forward-thinking artists or "art prosumers", that would be high-five-worthily fantastic!

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(all views and opinions expressed on this blog are mine, based on my diabolically misguided presumptions and in no way reflects the true intentions of the artists/people responsible for the work)

It was in Spain that Capa took his best-known photo, which purported to show a militiaman a split second after he’d been fatally shot. Debate over its authenticity still rages. The “truth” of the photo, says Kershaw, is in its representation of a symbolic death. “The Falling Soldier, authentic or fake, is ultimately a record of Capa’s political bias and idealism”.

Excerpt from a Time article, Robert Capa, in FocusAlex Kershaw is the writer of Capa’s biography, Blood and Champagne.

Source: blog.eyeem.com

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